Small Studio Project – Siding + Rainscreen details (Part 11)

In this video I discuss the exterior wall system describing how the design concept has been married with the technical solution.

All exterior walls are divided between the interior conditioned space and the exterior unconditioned space by an air barrier. In our case, the air barrier is closed cell sprayed foam insulation. To either side of the air barrier the wall materials must be allowed to dry to ensure long-term durability. I discuss why we chose the materials we did and why the rainscreen wall assembly is best suited to our climate.

Our wall assembly consists of:
– Closed cell sprayed foam insulation
– Stud framing
– Ext. plywood sheathing
– Water resistive barrier (WRB), 30# ASTM graded felt + Vaproshield at select building components
– Cedar strapping (air space)
– Hardipanel prefinished siding ripped to custom plank widths

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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