Sensing the Planet: Philippe Sands, Against Ecocide | Serpentine

Sensing the Planet (31 October-1 November 2021) was a gathering on climate justice and the intersections of race, art and ecology. Timed to take place just before the intergovernmental climate conference COP26, Sensing the Planet highlighted issues of race and environmental harm as well as the role played by the UK, most prominently the south-west of England, in histories of slavery, empire and climate breakdown. It also championed the role of interdisciplinary artists in imagining new futures built on principles of sustainability and justice.

00:00 – 03:46 Introduction with Philippe Sands
03:46 – 09:40 What is Ecocide?
09:40 – 35:30 The protection of the environment, Self determination and the story of Diego Garcia
35:30 – 38:08 Chagos Archipelago, What happens next?
38:08 – 53:00 The case now had a name!
53:00 – 1:00:20 The Ocean territory and the environmental harm
1:00:20 – 1:04:47 Crimes against humanity and the transfer of population
1:04:47 – 1:26:14 A single definition of the fifth crime of Ecocide
1:26:14 – 1:16:41 The difference between unlawful and wanton, what is our relationship to our environment?
1:16:41 – 1:26:14 Q&A with Philippe Sands



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