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In this exclusive video filmed at the unveiling of the 15th Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano explain how their structure plays with coloured, translucent and mirrored plastic sheet.

SalgasCano’s pavilion, which opens to the public later this week, consists of two layers of coloured ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) plastic wrapped around a white steel frame.

“The whole pavilion for us was a kind of experiment,” says Selgas in the movie. “We wanted to test different things with a new material, in this case ETFE. We wanted to try out [how the material could create] different shadows, colours and effects, which we haven’t tested before.”

Some parts of SelgasCano’s structure are covered with large sheets of coloured ETFE, while other areas feature strips of the material wrapped around the steel frame. The Madrid-based architects also chose to vary the opacity of the material across the skin of the pavilion.

“We decided to play with the ETFE in many ways,” Selgas says. “We created different effects by exploring what the possibilities are when you keep the transparency, or if you add different mirror effects.”

The layers of coloured plastic cast multicoloured patterns across the floor of the pavilion when the sun shines.

“The most important colour for us is the colour of the floor,” Selgas says. “It was very important for it to be white to get all the effects from the roof.”

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