Self-Portrait Composites in Photoshop with Alexus Roberts – 1 of 2

Join photography and artist Alexus Roberts on Adobe Live where she will take you through her process of creating pieces for her series “In My Head”. Follow along during this 2-day series and learn how she uses self-portraits and Adobe stock to create amazing composites in Photoshop. Stick around for tips and tricks on self-portrait photography and how to set up your images for success!

Guest Alexus Roberts is a photographer specializing in product, branding, stop-motion, and composites, based in Atlanta, GA:

Host Idara Ekpoh is a Nigerian-American photographer, creative director, and educator based in Arizona:


Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
00:42 Introduction
03:34 Alexus’ introduction
06:04 Today’s theme
09:15 Quick Selection Tool and masking
10:55 Color Range
14:54 Pen tool
17:00 How did you get started in Photoshop
36:10 Gradient Overlay
38:00 Bevel and emboss
44:45 Alexus’ concepting process
47:27 Masking out the head
54:30 Face retouching
57:35 Clipping masks
1:07:40 What is your creative background
1:12:45 Selective color
1:22:58 Creating the head shapes
1:35:25 Compositing the images together


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