Seamless Repeating Pattern Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will show you a simple way to create seamless repeating patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

I use two Illustrator scripts in this tutorial. The scripts are Circle Fill Script and Replace by Symbol Script, here are links about scripts.
circle fill (2010)
JetReplace by symbol

Change or Replace Multiple Objects in Illustrator Using Symbols

for how to install the script you can see my previous video

this is a long tutorial, if you are a little confused, here is a simple idea from this tutorial.
step 1, you generate random circles in the rectangle then make them larger so that they touch the sides of the rectangle.
step 2, match each side of the circle pattern
step 3, test the pattern whether it looks seamless.
step 4, swap pattern objects with symbols and adjusts the combination and color of the pattern.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial,
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