Sabine Marcelis installs 10 Fendi fountains at Design Miami

Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis has created 10 resin fountains to celebrate fashion brand Fendi’s decade of participation at Design Miami.

The Italian house marked its 10th anniversary at last week’s fair with The Shapes of Water, an installation that included Marcelis’ fountain designs that all relate to the company in some way.

“Using water as a design tool, the designer magnifies its delicate beauty by realising 10 fountains inspired by 10 of the most iconic symbols of the historical Roman house,” said a description from Marcelis.

Fendi’s Design Miami booth comprised an entirely white room with an illuminated back wall, in which the water features were placed on travertine plinths at different heights.

Some of these bases for the warm-hued, cast-resin sculptures hide mechanisms that pump water up through.

Examples include the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana fountain, based on Fendi’s headquarters in Rome. The arched colonnades of the 1943 Mussolini-commissioned building, which the brand moved in to in 2015, are replicated across the sides of the resin design.

“Marcelis has realised a similar structure adding an evanescent aspect, descending from the grandeur of the original construction,” said the project description.

Fendi’s “double F” logo – created by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965 during his tenure at the company – is punched into a slab of yellow resin, with water resting in the carved void.

The same mark appears in the centre of a cube-shaped blocked, where the two letters are filled with bubbling liquid.

A tall design carries a gradient that blends from yellow to red, mimicking the sunsets in the Italian capital, while water cascades down its slightly slanted front.

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