Russian Avant-Garde | HOW TO SEE the art movement with MoMA curator Sarah Suzuki

In 1917, a revolution overturns Russia’s long-ruling Romanov dynasty, and artists begin to seek new creative ways to remake Russian society. MoMA curator Sarah Suzuki explains how artists like Aleksandr Rodchenko, Alexandra Ekster and El Lissitzky developed a new abstract language in response.

Learn more about the exhibition: “A Revolutionary Impulse: The Rise of the Russian Avant-Garde”

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Artworks shown, in order:
0:58 Aleksandr Rodchenko. “Construction.” 1920.
02:15 Aleksandra Exter. “Six designs from the album Alexandra Exter: Stage Sets (Alexandra Exter: Décors de théâtre).” 1930.
02:49, 03:45 El Lissitzky. “Proun Manuscript Manifesto.” 1920.
04:19 El Lissitzky. “Proun 6B.” 1920.
04:41 El Lissitzky. “Proun 1.” 1920.

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