Resilience by Design University: Introduction

Friday, February 19, 2016 10:00am
Wood Auditorium

Join Resilience by Design University (RBD U) at a two-day symposium and workshop to learn the fundamentals of resilience from experts in the field. We will discuss how to incorporate concepts and tools for resilience into design. We will also use case studies in partnership with 100 Resilient Cities to apply this knowledge in an a series of interactive workshops. The goal of this event is to gain a better understanding the role of design in urban resilience.

Welcome: 10:00AM
Amale Andraos, Columbia University GSAPP
Marilyn Jordan Taylor, University of Pennsylvania

History of Resilience & the Sociology of Climate Change
Eric Klinenberg, New York University
Harvey Molotch, New York University
Klaus Jacob, Columbia University
Jesse Keenan, Columbia University

Understanding Risk in Infrastuctural Ecology
Kate Orff, SCAPE Studio and Columbia GSAPP
Alexandros Washburn, Stevens Institute of Technology
Ellen Neises, PennDesign
Alex Felson, Yale University

Understanding Challenges & Communicating Possibilities
Amy Chester, Rebuild By Design
Mindy Fullilove, Mailman School of Public Health
Ana Baptista, The New School
Alan Blumberg, Stevens Institute of Technology

New Planning Forms: the Aesthetics of Resilience
Matthijs Bouw, One Architecture & PennDesign
Amale Andraos, Dean, Columbia University GSAPP
Marilyn Jordan Taylor, PennDesign
Henk Ovink, International Water Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Keynote: The State of Resilience
Henk Ovink, International Water Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Organized by Kate Orff, Mattjias Bouw, Eric Klinenberg & Rebuild By Design.

GSAPP in partnership with NYU/IPK, PennDesign, and Rebuild by Design

Resilience by Design University (RBD U) gives the next generation of architects, landscape architects, urban designers, and planners the tools to embrace principles of resilience as a central tenet of design. A community of academics and design professionals involved in the Rebuild by Design competition have united to develop a curriculum for a Fundamentals Course which does just that. This course is designed to harness an interdisciplinary approach and the application of technical and analytical tools to form a core class that engages academics from multiple disciplines around resilience. We are excited to share and expand upon the power that collaboration between designers, related disciplines, government, and communities will have on shaping a more resilient world.

The development of this course is an iterative process. The curriculum is currently designed to bring together a diverse set of interests; it is structured to help students understand the complex environment in which design can and should play a role in resilience. With our existing network (Columbia University GSAPP; New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge; and PennDesign), we are testing and developing RBD U through events, workshops, and roundtables, and in collaboration with ongoing educational activities.


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