Rendering Your SketchUp Model in Shaderlight – Basics

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One of the great things about SketchUp is the number of third party plugins that make it more powerful. This includes third party rendering plugins that allow you to create photo-realistic renderings. These tools create realistic looking images by applying lighting to different materials. This video will walk you through the basics of using Shaderlight, a third party rendering software. You can also check out Shaderlight’s website at the following link –

Video Table of Contents

Shaderlight Intro and Sample Render Images – 0:55

Activating your Shaderlight trial – 2:12

Turning on the Shaderlight toolbar – 2:34

Starting a rendering in Shaderlight – 3:10

Applying materials for rendering – 4:31

Dynamic view updating of your rendering – 4:52

Using the Shaderlight materials editor – 7:33

Creating custom lights in Shaderlight – 9:46

Adjusting your render settings – 11:16

Adjusting render resolution – 11:35

Adjusting render quality – 11:46

Adjusting pre-set lighting – 13:17

Adding a custom background – 15:25

Rendering in the Shaderlight Cloud – 16:37


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