Rem Koolhaas speaks about his De Rotterdam tower

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In this exclusive interview, Rem Koolhaas tells Dezeen why the colossal new De Rotterdam tower is the most visible OMA skyscraper yet. “Nobody will be able to avoid” seeing it, he says.

Located on the south bank of Rotterdam’s Maas river, De Rotterdam is a 150-metre structure where overlapping glazed towers accommodate apartments, offices and a hotel. It is only the fourth high-rise that OMA has completed, even though the firm has developed designs for dozens over the years.

“This is on a site where nobody will be able to avoid seeing the entire building,” says Koolhaas, comparing the project with the Rothschild Bank Headquarters in London and CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, both of which are located within a dense cityscape. “It has a superb location on the river that can be only approached on one bridge, so we could really predict how it will be perceived,” he said.

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