Reinventing Creativity – An Evening With Von Glitschka Vector Logo Design

Von is principal of Glitschka Studios a small boutique design firm located in the Pacific Northwest. His diverse range of illustrative design has been used by some of the most respected brands in the world. He creatively collaborates with ad agencies, design firms, in-house corporate art departments, and small businesses to produce compelling visual narratives.


00:21 How did you get into art design illustration?
03:17 Do you ever run into issues with fan art and copyright law?
05:15 Q: Does getting into a creative flow require focus or should you let it happen naturally?
06:10 Happenstance: Give your mind the opportunity to make natural associations for creativity
08:35 Q: When you have an aha moment, how do you record it?
10:25 About Glitschka Studios
13:47 Q: Do you have a particular checklist to change up your routine?
16:27 Don’t overthink things: One thing can lead to another, take on challenges, meet people.
18:29 What was Auditing the Class program for?
20:07 Q: Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
21:45 Q: Do you have any tips for doodling/drawing daily?
24:00 If you draw on a consistent basis, you will only get better
25:40 If you stick with it, your illustration style will naturally develop
28:04 Do you have any advice for people getting started in vector art?
30:45 Q: How does someone break out of the low wage design marketplace?
33:40 There is no secret to social media – increase your exposure and discoverability
36:39 Q: How do you get an art rep?
41:00 I see the reps as a source of residual income, you still have to go out and pursue your own clients.
43:00 How the artist rep system works
46:00 How art workbooks have changed
49:35 If you make your work impossible to share, it makes it harder to find you.
51:22 Q: How do you go about staying creative, when a client is not so open minded?
53:00 Get your clients to trust you with matching the right design to the audience.
58:47 I put the onus on them to decide for or against the possible better solution.
1:00:16 Q: Clients with bad taste: designers don’t know more about the customers than their clients do.
1:01:55 If a project goes off course, you can point them back to the creative brief.
1:05:00 The Client designer relationship on design marketplaces aren’t deep.
1:09:31 Why do you take on the risk of doing certain projects?
1:11:15 Q: Do you think creativity and ideation are possible in a collaborative team setting?
1:16:03 Q: How do you sell people on the value of all of your logos?
1:20:19 Rapid Fire Questions
1:24:00 Summary Notes / Outro

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