R&D Labyrinths Launch: Rindon Johnson, Black Swan & Ricardo Saavedra

This is a recording of the live event which took place on Serpentine’s Twitch on May 5th at 6pm BST. The first three episodes feature Rindon Johnson on his poetry bot D’Artagnan, Black Swan on their consensus-building tool Cygnet and Ricardo Saavedra on his music composition interface, Gradient. Followed by Q&As with the artists who built the tech.

Hosted by Eva Jäger, Associate Curator of Arts Technologies and Co-I of the Creative AI Lab, and the effervescent ‘Orb’ (voiced by Calum Bowden).

Direction: Trust & Serpentine R&D Platform
Production: Trust and GVN908
Editing: Trust
Camera: Shivani Hassard, Maidje Meergans
Music: Billy John Bultheel
Sound design: Joanna Pope
Sound recordist: Greg Oke and Gaston Ibarroule
3D: Malte Zander
Real-time animation: Philip Ullman
Logo design: Son La Pham
Cygnet user interface design and animation: Leïth Benkhedda
Special thank you to Mercedes Bunz for her help developing the Labyrinths; Kamille Johnson for their help explaining D’Artangnan; to Ruth Catlow and Furtherfield and the Goethe Institute for their support with the Black Swan DAO

Find out more at https://www.serpentinegalleries.org/whats-on/rd-labyrinths/




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