rAADio Episode 006: Resistance in Practice: Part 1

In “Resistance in Practice” we circle around the question: Do we really need to accept precariousness to produce good architecture? This episode explores the many faces and consequences of the well established dichotomy between passion and profit in architecture.

Part 1 focuses in the realm of academia, where we usually first encounter the idea that architecture is not work if you are passionate enough. We also recollect the most recent attempts by student workers to achieve better labor conditions at universities.

Season 2 of rAADio is produced by Aahana Banker, Daniela Beraún, Rocio Crosetto Brizzio, León Duval, Dhruva Lakshminarayanan, Malavika Madhuraj and Hein Song.

This episode of rAADio was brought you by:
Max Lauter: Director and Creative Producer, Sound Design
Alex Hamadey: Sound Designer & Composer, Lead Audio Engineer
Anthony Sertel Dean: Recording Audio Engineer

Source by Columbia GSAPP

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