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In this video we are discussing the emergence of a new profession between the fields of architecture and structural design.

Dr. Milos Dimcic, working for Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering, single-handedly wrote the software for the largest parametrically generated facade and structure in the world (at that moment) of the new Shenzhen Airport Terminal, designed by M. Fuksas. Working at the same office, he was also responsible for the development of the EXPO Axis 6 funnel-like steel grid structures.

In 2011, he opened his own office – Programming Architecture. Since then he has been working on numerous interesting and large scale projects, introducing different methods of optimization and automated geometry generation.

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In this video we used some photos and videos that are under the Creative Commons license. Here are the links:

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The muscle car

The soup cans

Industrial robot working

Small white robot arm

Old Russian factory

Shanghai World Financial Center

Kansai airport

The pyramides

Old computer


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