Professional VLOG Lighting and Audio Setup (Not Cheap) $$$$

Not cheap, but if you can afford it, this is a pretty great setup that goes beyond the ring or halo lighting setup preferred by many Youtubers. This is how we shoot our videos and VlOG. How changing your film lighting and audio setup can impact your streaming videos? We break down the butterfly led lighting setup for our Video series and youtube live streams.


0:24 The butterfly lighting setup: positioning soft diffused key light (top lit), fill light (from beneath) and backlight (between you and the background.
0:40 Without the bottom fill light, you will have dark shadows in your video (before and after comparison)
1:00 The CRI, Color Rendering Index makes the difference between lighting equipment prices
1:18 Back Light Setup
1:41 Back lights can give you a better separation between the subject and the backdrop
2:06 Audio Setup
2:26 Rigging Gear Setup
3:34 The Workhorse: Sony 4k FS-5

Equipment List

Key Light: 95 CRI 5600k Dimmable G100 LUX at 1 Meter ::

Fill Light: Two Wescott Flex 2′ X 2′ Daylight Led Panels ::

Kick Light: Core SWX Torch Bi-Color LED Bolt (250W | 3200-5600 K) ::

Audio Equipment:
– Rode NTG3-Boom Pole kit

Rigging Gear:
– Impact Super Clamp w/ Ratchet Handle ::
– Friction Arm ::
– Avenger C-Stand ::
– Avenger 2.5″ Grip Head ::
– Impact Center Jaw Vice Grip 3″ ::
– Wescott Tilter Bracket w/ Brass Spigot ::

Camera Setup:
– Sony FS-5 4k XDcam ::
– Metabones Speed Booster (E to EF Mount) ::
– Rokinon 35mm T.1.5 Cine EF Mount ::
– Black Magic Video Assist 4k 7″ ::


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