Poster Design with Lisa Carney – 1 of 2

Join Compositor and Retoucher Lisa Carney on Adobe Live as she designs a 1980s inspired poster using Photoshop and Adobe Stock. Stick around this week as Lisa takes you through her entire design process and shares tips and tricks for turning your passion into a successful business!

Lisa Carney is Compositor and Retoucher who has spent over two decades working in the print, motion picture, and television industries. Lisa has worked with Disney, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Sony, Universal, Columbia, MGM, ABC Television, ESPN, TNT, CNN, CBS, CW, Warner Brothers, Sony and many more.


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 2:

Lisa’s work: 3:10
Comping vs. finishing: 13:15
Design vocabulary: 18:45
Different solutions for poster design: 33:35
Places for inspiration: 42:35
Rip off or homage: 44:50
Using Adobe Stock: 50:43
Design begins: 53:40
How to render hair in Photoshop: 57:50
How to add rain: 1:01:24



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