Post-Pandemic High-Rise Urban Planning

Post-Pandemic High-Rise Urban Planning

Honorable Mention
2021 Skyscraper Competition

Shuxian Li, Qiuchen Zheng, Yujia Hu, Jiaxin Wen

The city is divided into several districts under artificial planning. People walk, commute, purchase, and outings according to the routes established by the planner. But in today’s pandemic of infectious diseases, free activities, as usual, carry the risk of infection, but to prevent and control the epidemic, the city is blocked and the city is paralyzed, and countless residents lose their freedom.

We imagine that in the post-epidemic era, in order to avoid the risk of infection caused by long-distance commuting and purchasing, people’s activities will return from the city to the community. We imagine that there is a spontaneously formed skyscraper in the gap between community buildings: the daily necessities (food, energy, and anti-epidemic products) needed by people are set up on the upper part of the building, and transported down to reduce the possibility of pollution. Build up the used space, and if necessary, it can be completely isolated from the outside. People are no longer bound by top-down urban planning and district jurisdiction, and spontaneously build their own activity spaces from bottom to top, realizing freedom from planning to freedom of creation.

Post-Pandemic High-Rise Urban Planning Board 1
Post-Pandemic High-Rise Urban Planning Board 2


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