Photoshop Masterclass: Surreal Winter Poster

In this episode, Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani will show how to use common elements to create a surreal poster design. Learn how to cut out images and combine into a new background while matching the lighting, color, and vibrance. Also learn how to use new tools like Neural Filters to enhance the final art.



00:00 Start
3:30 Editing an Ice Queen Image
7:15 Using the Filters to Create an Ice Effect
15:08 Browsing Kyle Webster Brushes
17:17 Working with Color Dynamics in Brushes
18:55 Masking Snow Queen into an Environment
22:28 Using Neural Filters
35:02 How to add frost to hair
37:26 How to bring Illustrator objects into Photoshop
39:50 Second project
44:21 How to use the object selection tool
48:05 Masking objects behind trees
49:16 How to use color harmonization
53:03 Final tweaks
54:23 Adding another element
55:46 Overview


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