Design Systems to Combat Covid-19 with Rachel Smith – 2 of 2

Join designer Rachel Smith and host Howard Pinsky for a two-day Adobe XD adventure on Adobe Live! This week, Rachel will create a design system for her non profit, DesignToCombatCovid19. From colors to assets to icons, learn how Rachel approaches research and accessibility as she builds a Resources Page featuring her organization’s partners. Stick around to learn how Rachel leverages the new design system to create a newsletter announcing the new Resources Page. Join us to see how your UI/UX skills make a difference!

Guest Rachel Smith is a Creative Strategist and the Design Leader behind DesignToCombatCovid19, a non-profit that uses design to combat the pandemic through innovative solutions:

Host Howard Pinsky is a Senior XD Evangelist at Adobe:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
2:10 Intro to Rachel’s Work
9:25 Previous Stream Recap
13:00 Brand Voice Recap
18:00 Discussing When to Use Certain Types of Logos
26:25 Color Palette Recap
31:10 Rachel’s Tips on How to Get into the UX Industry
37:25 Using Web Icons from Adobe Stock
1:02:25 Discussing Xd Plug-Ins
1:06:00 Creating Sample Cards
1:21:36 Putting a Flow Chart Together
1:31:30 Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:40:25 Making a Lo-Fi Webpage for Desktop and Mobile


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