Photoshop Masterclass: Commonly Overlooked Features

Photoshop is full of features that go overlooked by many designers. In this Masterclass Paul Trani will reveal these features that have been overlooked over the years. From scripts, to randomizer generators to hacks. Even Photoshop features in other apps. (How could that be!?!)


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00:00 Start
2:50 Quick Ways to Find Files
5:23 How to Open a Flattened Version of a PSD
8:20 How to Remove Unwanted Items from Menus
10:57 How to Change Layer Preview
16:10 Tips for Working with Curves and Groups
18:05 How to Add Legacy Gradients
20:45 How to Add a LUT
24:48 How to Have a Custom Ps Background Color
25:25 How to Turn Off Brush Crosshairs
25:43 Tips on Dodging and Burning
34:04 How to find Small Objects on the Canvas
34:40 Useful Shortcuts
35:20 How to search for Photoshop Tools
37:13 How to install Plugins
41:00 How to remove the Background
42:30 How to remove a color fringe
45:49 Loading multiple images into Photoshop
50:02 How to use Step and Repeat Transformations
52:45 How to add multiple drop shadows
54:20 How to save layer styles


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