Photo Compositing Techniques with Shaylin Wallace – 1 of 2

Tune in with surreal artist Shaylin Wallace on Adobe Live to learn her double exposure and dispersion techniques in Photoshop. In part 1, she’ll create double exposure landscapes using Adobe Stock imagery. In part 2, she’ll show off her dispersion technique to create a surreal scene. Stick around to learn how she uses the pen tool, clone stamp, color correct, and stock brushes in Photoshop.

Guest Shaylin Wallace is a Surreal Artist and Graphic Designer based in Wilmington, DE:

Host Arabela Espinoza is the Co-Founder of Weekend Creative, a Photographer and Art Director team based in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
00:40- Introduction
02:30 Shaylin’s introduction
03:22 Source photos
07:15 Masking
09:40 Quick Selection tool
10:30 Smart Objects
16:25 Photo filters
19:04 Favorite part of the process
22:15 Layer management
26:14 Overcoming creative block
29:18 Finding your artistic style
31:00- Clipping masks
52:20- Social media
57:00- Masking a figure
1:02:45- Creating a silhouette
1:17:10 What do you listen to while working?
1:29:55 Balancing personal vs client work


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