Peter Blundell Jones – Scharoun and the Organic Tradition

Lecture date: 1997-12-03

The work of Hans Scharoun has proved increasingly influential in recent years as it has become better understood. Many architects have learned from his flowing spaces and the complex angularity of his plans, as well as from his masterly handling of route and light. His public buildings have had a strong social impact and the Berlin Philharmonie has become the 20th-century model for concert halls.

Peter Blundell Jones is Professor of Architecture in the School of Architecture, Sheffield University. Since graduating from the AA in 1972 he has been involved in practice, criticism and teaching. He is the author of numerous articles on historical and theoretical subjects, beside criticising and analysing contemporary work. He has written two books on Scharoun. Other publications include Hugo Haring: the Organic versus the Geometric; Gunter Behnisch; and Modern Architecture through Case Studies.



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