Performative: Innovative Spatial and Material Technologies of Sport – Part 2

Lecturen date: 2002-12-06

The interaction between body, equipment and material environment is one determinant of a game’s performance; other factors include its rules, strategies and notations. Science, technology, marketing and design all play their part in enhancing not only the performance of the athlete but also the experience of the spectator. New technologies continually transform the spatialities of sport, resulting in the invention of new sports as well as new strategies of play. This conference brings together speakers from a range of disciplines to investigate and explore the relationships between new materials, products technologies and spatial organisations in the field of sport.

Richard Hordern – Microarchitecture and Microgravity.

Q & A with Ellis Cashmore, John Brierley, and Richard Hordern, moderated by George L. Legendre.

NB: Interference from overdubbed audio towards end of Hordern’s talk and during Q & A.



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