Patrik Schumacher – The Autopoiesis of Architecture – Part 1

Lecture date: 2010-12-07

Patrik Schumacher will give a lecture to coincide with the launch of his new publication, ‘The Autopoiesis of Architecture vol 1: A New Framework for Architecture’

In recent years, architectural theory has remained tentative and even sceptical. Schumacher’s bold new two volume treatise is meant to change all this, by providing a wholly new approach and framework for thinking about architecture.During the lecture Schumacher will describe how his new unified theoretical system for the discipline accommodates further theories, ranging from architecture’s social function to the avant-garde, aesthetics, media and process theory. Most significantly architecture is conceived as a system of communication comprising artefacts, knowledges and practices – an ‘autopoietic system’, able to self-produce all its specific communication structures within their own internal process.

Patrik Schumacher is partner at Zaha Hadid Architects and founding director of the AADRL. He studied philosophy and architecture in Bonn, London and Stuttgart, and completed his PhD at the Institute for Cultural Science in Klagenfurt.


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