PATRICK MALONE: Dams Beneath the Streets

Patrick Malone
Professor Emeritus of American Studies and Urban Studies, Brown University

Tuesday, April 16
Campbell 153
Hanbury Endowed Lecture in Historic Preservation

Dams Beneath the Streets: The Industrial Heritage of Boston’s Back Bay

Patrick Malone is an industrial archaeologist and a historian of technology. He is a former president of the Society for Industrial Archeology and is now Professor Emeritus of American Studies and Urban Studies at Brown University. His primary interests are the urban built environment and industrial development. Malone has also done a great deal of work in public humanities, focusing on museum interpretation, park development, historical preservation, and the recording of engineering structures. Much of his scholarship examines American rivers and hydraulic engineering. He is the author of Waterpower in Lowell and co-author of The Texture of Industry. His present research focuses on a unique tidal power system in nineteenth-century Boston.



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