OFFSET: Graphic Design and Branding with Kristy Campbell

Tune in with Kristy Campbell, social media graphic design extraordinaire, as she walks you through tips and tricks to enhance your design workflow. In this special OFFSET episode of Adobe Live, Kristy provides advice for your graphic design skills and how to approach social media aptly.

Guest Kristy Campbell is the Creative Director at Pink Pony Creative:

Host Ryan Selvy is a live streaming Motion Designer in New York City:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
01:45 What is OFFSET with Ryan Selvy?
05:30 Introductions of Kristy
08:15 A look at Kristy’s work
11:15 How does Kristy come up with new content?
13:00 Artboard creation and where Kristy used artboards
14:30 “What’s In Your Sketchbook?”
20:00 Some history on Kristy’s brand
22:00 Adobe Color
23:00 Plans for the day’s work
24:00 Where does Kristy go to gather inspiration?
26:00 Compiling inspiration and sketched concepts together
26:50 Advice for those looking to improve their drawing skills
28:40 Utilizing fake design briefs and their value
31:30 What kind of equipment does Kristy use to create?
33:30 Working with layers
34:20 Balancing work and personal life
38:20 Utilizing color swatches
39:50 Creating a halftone effect
44:15 Utilizing social media for your business
47:00 Creating a cow-print design with the pen tool or brush tool
53:00 Discussion of how Kristy’s projects take form
55:15 MONKEY PAWS! Artist stretching!
59:00 Utilizing photo resources in your creative process
01:00:00 Creating email mailing lists
01:02:10 Deciding the most important details to include in an illustration
01:06:15 The Letter Of The Day
01:16:00 A message on #36DaysofType from Mark Naumann
01:20:30 Using the Lasso tool
01:22:50 Transforming any shape into a guide
01:26:30 Cohesiveness within a project
01:30:00 Adding texture to the designs
01:36:00 ART TALK: Florence Given
01:45:00 Creating a custom pattern
01:53:00 Kristy’s shop


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