OFFSET: Editing with Zachary Bromberg

Learn the magic behind the edit with Zachary Bromberg, a professional film editor, and producer based in Atlanta Georgia. Join Zack and Ryan in this very special OFFSET episode of Adobe Live, as they break down video editing techniques, terminology, and analyze films.

Guest Zachary Bromberg is a professional video editor based in Atlanta, Georgia:

Host Ryan Selvy is a live streaming Motion Designer in New York City:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
05:06 A look at Zack’s work Electric Jesus
17:50 Saturday Morning All Star Hits!
24:43 Flint: The Poisoning of An American City
30:45 Let’s see your sketchbook! – Zack’s Charlie Chaplin project
40:41 Zack’s Samurai project – Samurai film’s importance in cinema
50:09 Art Talk – Maya Deren’s influence
1:05:20 Continuing to discuss Maya Deren’s contribution to cinema
1:07:11 Show intros for Zack’s Role Playing Games
1:17:16 Zack takes suggestions from chat for an intro
1:21:24 Creating an intro with a Downton Abbey theme
1:31:09 Choosing music for the intro
1:36:13 Finding clips through Adobe Stock
1:38:40 Working in Premiere – hotkeys and various tips
1:49:36 Previewing timeline and clips – adding titles


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