Office Hours – Fall Curriculum with Andrew Hochradel & Nick Longo – Episode 7

If you’re starting the semester late, here’s the perfect opportunity to catch up and join the fall course! Today Nick and Andrew will review key concepts and projects thus far.

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Class Syllabus:

Andrew Hochradel is a freelance brand identity designer based in Southern California:

Nick Longo is the creative executive behind Longo Designs, a branding agency specializing in product launches, corporate identity, and more:
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00:00 Start
7:40 Pop Quiz!
7:50 Top 5 Portfolio Tips
10:53 First Thing You Mention in a Case Study
12:45 Why is “Flex on Scale” so Important?
14:35 What’s the Advantage of “Putting Out the Welcome Mat”?
16:30 3 Most Important Parts of an Estimate
18:15 The Best Way to MAintain a New Client
20:35 When Copywriting, WHO Should Be the Center of Focus?
21:51 When Copywriting, WHAT Should Be the Center of Focus?
23:15 3 Reasons the Power of Why is Important
25:00 When Writing Copy, What’s Nick’s Recommendation to Try First?
25:50 Name One “Uncommon” Reason to Use Xd?
27:15 Nick’s Fictitious Brand During “Design Sprints” Episode
28:15 Andrew’s Fictitious Brand During “Design Sprints” Episode
29:00 Font Giveaway
31:14 Nick’s Picks
36:55 Hoch’s Takes


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