ODA's New York rezoning scheme could get developers building public spaces

Architecture office ODA has put together a proposal for rezoning New York to allow developers to build higher in return for turning private courtyards into public squares.

Called Beyond the Street, the scheme aims to address the loss of the city’s traditional mixed-use neighbourhoods, where people can live, work and enjoy leisure time, due to development.

If developers want to build more private spaces in the airspace above the city, ODA proposed, they should have to create more pedestrianised areas for the public at ground level.

The practice, which was founded in 2007, has produced a video explaining Beyond the Street’s goals.

“The decline of traditional street-level retail, which typically covers the majority of the ground floor in many of the city’s buildings has inspired us to seek more engaging and inclusive programming to replace it,” said ODA.

“In order to level the playing field, we need to create a more democratic and accessible ground floor experience that serves everyone, not just the wealthy who live above it,” added the New York-based studio.

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