Nur Puri Purini – Commodities, Environmental Markets and the Future of Cities

Lecture date: 2010-11-16

The lecture will address several main issues concerning the interaction between commodities and environmental markets. It is in the consumption of resources along with the current concentration and use of materials and energy that force-fields collide vis-à-vis the efficiency-targets set by governments, multinationals and organisations aiming for a cleaner economy.

Nur Puri Purini will illustrate how environmental markets work now and how, in the context of green urbanisation, their healthy and increased development could help incentivise energy efficiency and a more mindful use of resources.The latest evolution of both Co2 markets and legislation as well as the obstacles ahead of us will be discussed. Energy and commodities consumption are also key in the context of urbanization, especially in the definition of energy balance sheets, future financing targets and impact on integrated urbanisation. To achieve tangible results, new standards are needed.

Nur Puri Purini is an Italian national educated at the London School of Economics. He has ten years of professional experience accumulated between Italy and the UK as an economist and a financial analyst in international banks. After working shortly for Lehman Brothers in Italy, he worked for the Italian Government from 2002 to 2005 in the privatisation process. Based in London, Nur has worked as an energy and commodities specialist since October 2005. His professional interests also focus on entrepreneurship and venture capital by helping early stage companies find investors. He has been a Junior Fellow of the Aspen Institute and worked as non-profit partner for the Robert F Kennedy Memorial.



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