Ngo Quan Hien (February 4, 2009)

Hsinming Fung introduces Ngo Quan Hien, a SCI-Arc graduate who has returned to discuss his practice in Vietnam. As Fung put it, “Asia is all about building.” She explained that the building boom is in direct correlation to the steady population growth. She framed the lecture as “a glimpse into a world where the architect is deeply embedded in the necessities of life.”

Hien discusses his three fundamentals of design: function, space, and form. He also discusses the challenges he faced with his projects at an urban scale, in dealing with multiple governments within Vietnam, and building standards (or the lack thereof) in Vietnam.

During the question and answer portion of this lecture Ngo Quan Hien reiterates the challenges of urban planning in Vietnam. He discusses zoning, pollution, and dealing with multiple governments. Challenged that his projects presented did not look Vietnamese, Hien agreed, and offers an explanation.



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