Newish Media: A Conversation with Lucia Allais and John May

CONVERSANTS: Lucia Allais Rendering and Experience Assistant Professor of Architecture, Princeton University, Editor Grey Room, member of Aggregate AND John May Postorthography: An Outline GSD Design Critic in Architecture; Co-Director, M.Des advanced studies; Coordinator, History and Philosophy of Design; Principal, MILLIØNS, Los Angeles INTERLOCUTOR: Catherine Ingraham Professor of Architecture, Pratt Institute and Visiting Faculty, GSD FIRST RESPONDER: Michael Hays Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory; Interim Chair, Graduate School of Design, Chair, GSD The surface of architectural thought has changed radically over the past half century. Whereas architects once pushed ink or graphite across various types of paper, we now touch and swipe electronic screens. This transformation has placed novel postorthographic operations—modeling, sensing, scanning, rendering—at the center of our practices. And it demands that we take seriously the technical basis of architectural thought and imagination. John May will present material from his forthcoming book, Signal, Image, Architecture and Lucia Allais will present a counter-history of rendering. Then they will converse.


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