NEVER TOO SMALL Melbourne Sustainable Small Apartment – 51sqm/548sqft

Nightingale 2 is a continuation of the revolutionary sustainable and low footprint apartment project, designed by Six Degrees as an affordable, vertical community; connected to the streets around it. The 51m2 apartment removes less frequently used parts of the home to communal spaces, creating hubs for interaction and community building. The homes living room functions as living, kitchen and storage, the reoccurring form ply joinery helping it blend into the home. With an additional box built into the window allowing it server as a dining space. Built to be living in, rather than as an investment, Nightingale 2 focuses on making itself a home. Rather than built for investment, Nightingale 2 is designed as a long term, sustainable home within vibrant community.

Nightingale 2.0 is designed by Six Degrees Architects and delivered in collaboration between HIP V. HYPE and Six Degrees Architects in accordance with the Nightingale Housing Values. While we’re still social distancing, we were able to capture another episode of Never Too Small in Melbourne. We’ll be sharing more of our usual episodes as restrictions lift.

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Music: A New Deep by Dear Gravity.


Produced by
Creator: Colin Chee
Director: Travis Crosbie
Producer: Luke Clark
Camera: Travis Crosbie
Editor: Colin Chee


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