NEVER TOO SMALL Kyiv Compact Designer Apartment Ukraine – 32sqm/344sqft

This episode was filmed on February 12th 2022, 12 days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We have been asked by the designer of this apartment, Olga Bondar, and our NTS team in Kyiv to share the beauty of Ukrainian design in hope that it will bring further attention and support for the people of Ukraine and the inhumanity of their situation.

Located in the middle of the most densely populated district in Kyiv, Ukraine, Fayna town is a modern and vibrant residential complex built in place of a derelict vegetable factory and greenhouse. Inside one of the apartment blocks is the aptly named Pinkyellow, a bright and colourful space by Ukrainian designer Olga Bondar. Originally an empty shell, Bondar cleverly adjusted the floor plan, creating a compact, comfortable space using bespoke furniture and cleverly concealed rooms and appliances. In the open plan living space, a full size low back sofa was carefully selected for comfort and to reduce visual clutter, whilst a framed TV appears like artwork on the wall. In the compact but full kitchen, the fridge blends into the kitchen’s pink walls, and a small bar counter divides the kitchen from the living room; while also creating a work space. Behind a hidden door opposite the living room the bedroom features floating furniture and a custom made podium storage bed, whilst the dressing room lies neatly tucked away behind a curtain, allowing the client to open up the space or close it away to hide clutter.

The NTS team will be making a donation to the Red Cross. You can also help make a difference for people in Ukraine here –

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Music: Final Steps by Be Still the Earth

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Director: Nam Tran & Sviatoslava Nosyk
Camera Operator: Vitaliy Motrushenko
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Jessica Ruasol


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