Nata 2020 Free Study Material

Use the links below and all the very best for your studies.

Rajmudra Design Academy :

Topic 1 : Understanding the important visual principles in a composition (2D OR 3D) such as balance, rhythm, direction, hierarchy, etc.
Videos :


Topic 2 : Understanding geometry and the ability to visualize shape and solve geometrical puzzles to test spatial intelligence;
Videos :


Topic 3 : Understanding color theory and the various terminologies to test color scheme awareness and knowledge;
Videos :


Test Your Knowledge of COLOR Theory

Topic 4 : Ability to understand spatial relationship between objects, and to visualize images and scenarios

Topic 5 : Tests for cognitive ability: perception, attention, recognition, memory

More Subtopics:
Paper Folding Unfolding
Video (Hindi)


Part B Aptitude Tests

Study from all of these links and all the best


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