My Journey to Zaha Hadid Architects : Shajay Bhooshan

Shajay Bhooshan is the associate director at ZHA and the co founder of ZHA CODE (Computational Design Group). In this interview he talks about his journey from India to the UK and joining ZHA. He also talks about Zaha Hadid and what she was like in the office and ultimately we touch upon the metaverse and what it means for architects.

00:00 – Introduction
01:58 – Studying Architecture at TVB school
04:42 – Why a masters at the AA
07:20 – Getting a job at ZHA
08:43 : ZHA CODE
11:14 : What was Zaha Hadid like?
16:22 – ZHA & the Metaverse
23:11 – Advice for students

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Media Used :
Shajay’s Image via ZHA
Patrick Image via ZHA
Theodore Image clicked by Tim Brotherton
Patrik Image By Unknown author – Unknown, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Zaha & Patrik image by Martin Url
Zaha & Patrik via the Times
Zaha Hadid By Dmitry Ternovoy –, FAL,
Zaha’s Image via ZHA
Zaha & PAtrick young by Regina Schubert
Zaha & Patrick by Iwaan Baan
Zaha & Patrick by Luke Hayes


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