Mummy of Herakleides: Getty Conversations

During ancient Egypt’s last dynasty, a massive cultural exchange occurred between
Greeks and Egyptians, then reflected in art and cultural practices. Learn how this
Greco-Egyptian legacy influenced portrayals of the dead, such as for Herakleides.

Getty has joined forces with Smarthistory to bring you an in-depth look at select works
within our collection, whether you’re looking to learn more at home or want to make art
more accessible in your classroom. This six-part video series illuminates art history
concepts through fun, unscripted conversations between art historians, curators,
archaeologists, and artists, committed to a fresh take on the history of visual arts.

A conversation with Dr. Sara E. Cole, Antiquities Department, Getty Museum and Dr. Steven Zucker, Executive Director, Smarthistory, in front of Mummy of Herakleides, 120–140 C.E., Romano-Egyptian. Human and bird remains; linen, pigment, beeswax, gold, and wood, 175.3 x 44 x 33 cm. Getty Villa, Los Angeles


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