Modeling Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater WAREHOUSE in SketchUp

Picture this: it’s the summer of the year 2000. You get home from a long day and pop in the blue Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater cartridge into your Nintendo 64. You pick your favorite skater and start up the first level. Superman by Goldfinger plays. It’s a good day.

This time on SketchUp Live will also be a good day as Matt models the level that started it all: Warehouse.

We’ve had a lot of requests to model skate ramps since many people use SketchUp to design them, and hopefully this scratches that itch!

Tune in and help us collect S – K – A – T – E 🛹

Forum thread:

0:00 Starting soon
1:58 Intro
5:28 Tracing reference
14:30 Snake quarter pipe
36:54 Ledges
41:33 Kickers
50:00 Rail
59:18 Half pipe
1:23:44 Quarter pipes
1:31:45 Second storey
1:37:20 Secret tape room & SKATE
1:53:22 Taxi
1:57:46 Boxes!
2:01:54 DONE


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