Miracle Marathon 2016: Marcus du Sautoy

‘What are the chances of that!’ Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy looks at probability, lotteries, and randomness and their role in how we perceive miracles.

As part of her collaboration with Navine G. Khan-Dossos on the Miracle Marathon’s stage design, artist Sophia Al-Maria has taken the keying colours within the design (made up of the digital RGB colour palette of red, green and blue), otherwise known as chroma keys, to add a special-effects technique to a selection of recordings. In post-production she has grafted film onto the chroma key colours of the backdrop. The effect generated by the film onto the Marathon’s archive materials infuses the stage with a new visual dimension.

The Serpentine’s annual festival of ideas brought together practitioners from the fields of activism, art, anthropology, architecture, literature, music, philosophy, theology and science. The 2016 Serpentine Miracle Marathon focused in on ritual, repetition and magical thinking to consider ways in which the imaginary can not only predict, but also play a part in affecting long-term futures.


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