MIND-BLOWING Software Uses AI To Test Your Designs!

In today’s video, Iʼm going to share with you something totally cutting edge that will prove to be a true asset to your design workflow. I am using an awesome piece of software – 3M Visual Attention Software (VAS). In the video I will show you exactly what VAS is and how it can take your designs to the next level.

As graphic designers, we are always striving to get eyes onto our designs. This is the initial step in the process of delivering a message through design. We have – on average – 3-5 seconds to pull a viewer into our work and grab their attention. Biologically speaking, there are certain things that ‘triggerʼ us as humans and spike our attention; designers can make use of these triggers to gain that initial awareness. VAS aims to help you improve the effectiveness of this matter and will help your designs become more visible to any possible viewer. In the video, we will take the full journey of why and how VAS can help.

I have a promotional code to offer my followers – 5 extra trial credits when you sign up for a free VAS account (which comes with 10 free trial credits), allowing you guys to analyse 15 total images for free before purchasing a subscription to VAS. Simply enter the promo code “Thomas” to redeem this offer. The link is posted below this message, so give it a try today! @3M #sponsored

Visit https://vas.3m.com to sign up

FTC: This video is sponsored by 3M



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