Media Shifts That Have Long Lasting Effects On Industries and Creatives

What is happening in the media and entertainment space with giants like Netflix, FX, Apple and Disney? These seismic events will have long and deep lasting implications and aftershocks for the entire creative eco system.

Andrew A. Rosen has over 14 years of experience working with video, marketing, and advertising in the digital media space.
He is the author of the PARQOR newsletter, a curated weekly newsletter about the digital video supply chain (one article per each step of the supply chain). His engaged newsletter readership includes C-suite and senior executives YouTube, Amazon, WPP, Viacom, CBS Vox, Burda, Conde Nast Entertainment, and Twitter, among others.

Mr. Rosen began his career in digital media in Strategy & Operations Viacom’s MTV Networks Digital Media Group. He then consulted for BET Digital, a division of Viacom, across its ad operations, audience development, and revenue forecasting from 2008-2016.

Mr. Rosen holds a BA in History with Distinction from Yale University and a JD from New York University School of Law. He is a member of the New York State Bar, and was a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations from 2006 to 2012.

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02:00 – What’re earthquakes
06:00 – The four earthquakes of 2017
09:00 – S(ubscription)VOD and A(dvertising)VOD (video on demand)
13:00 – Market sizes in 2023
16:00 – People aren’t cutting the cord, they’re just shifting
21:00 – The problems on the demand and supply sides
30:00 – Market Competition: no direct competitiors
37:00 – 30 second ads aren’t dead, but they have to lead to something
39:00 – I’m a freelancer that works in video, how can I stay ahead of the curve?
42:00 – If you’re creator, here’s what you should do***


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