MAX Chats | The Basics of Painting, on a Digital Canvas in Fresco

Learn how to create digital art on your iPad that mimics a real painting. To get you started, Illustrator Anna Daviscourt will guide you through the basics of live brushes and how to use them in Fresco.

Anna is hosted by Illustrator and Instructional Designer Kathleen Martin.

Join the broadcast and live chat on Behance to:
– Understand traditional painting techniques and how to apply them to create digital art
– Discover live brushes as you learn to paint with digital oils and watercolors
– Familiarize yourself with best practices such as composition, color theory and more


00:00 Start
01:40 Introduction
04:00 Overview of Fresco
07:05 Streaming from Fresco
07:55 Watercolor Timelapse
10:30 Oil Paint Timelapse
13:25 Painting with Watercolor Live brushes begins
20:10 Grouping layers in Fresco
23:00 Painting with Oil Live brushes begins
24:40 Touch shortcut
26:35 Lasso tool
41:10 Layer clipping



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