MASTERCLASS | Let’s Talk About Formats

In today’s Masterclass, we’ll talk about supported formats (both new and old) in Premiere, AU, AE and some best practices/thoughts on which formats to work in/archive versus choosing your format for delivery.


00:00 Start
00:40 Stream overview
03:17 What’s new in Premiere Pro?
06:00 Reviewing project footage
07:00 Creating Multi-Camera Source Sequence
08:10 Opening project files in timeline
10:00 Exploring Lumetri settings
11:45 Changes to Remix
17:30 Customizing sound in the Remix settings
23:15 What formats are supported in Premiere Pro?
33:00 Reviewing iPhone 13 Pro Res 4K HDR footage
36:40 Reviewing footage exported at H.264 and comparing formats
39:00 Losing footage detail after compression
41:50 An example of maintaining detail with Pro Res RAW
46:10 Exploring settings to create a Proxy
50:00 Exploring frequencies


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