Mark Zuckerberg predicts the end of the TV as augmented reality takes over

The growth of augmented reality will make most of the hardware we use today obsolete, according to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Speaking at Facebook’s F8 annual developers conference on Tuesday, Zuckerberg signalled the company would be putting increased emphasis on augmented reality (AR), as he launched a platform for developing the technology in closed beta.

Zuckerberg identified augmented-reality glasses or contact lenses as the logical end goal for this AR technology. Once realised, he said, such gadgets would render televisions, smartphones and other current hardware useless.

“Now we all know where we want this to get eventually,” he said. “We want glasses, or eventually contact lenses, that look and feel normal but let us overlay all kinds of information and digital objects on top of the real world.”

“You want to watch TV? We could put a digital TV on that wall and instead of being a piece of hardware, it’s a $1 app, instead of a $500 piece of equipment,” he continued.

“Think about how many of the things we have in our lives actually don’t need to be physical – they can be digital – and think about how much more affordable and accessible they’re going to be when they are.”

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