Marianne Burkhalter (November 11, 1987)

Robert Mangurian introduces Marianne Burkhalter

Burkhalter begins her lecture with a discussion of temporary structures. She describes the impact of Superstudio and living in the U.S..

Burkhalter discusses her work with Robert Mangurian/Studio Works, including the Southside Settlement House in Columbus Ohio. Burkhalter presents a number of projects completed by her studio in Zurich, includes a new train station in Lucerne. She documents the response to local conditions and history, and discusses the design and deployment of the structural system.

Burkhalter discusses a series of smaller scale projects completed by her office, including a project for a small house, where wood construction was explored as an expression of regionalism, and a project that relies on prefabrication. She concludes the lecture with a project for a sculpture exhibition, also employing wood construction.


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