Marc Newson designs limited-edition cognac bottle for Hennessy

Industrial designer Marc Newson has put his own spin on Hennessy’s X.O Cognac bottles, creating a stripped-back version that features rippling ridges across its surface.

The renowned industrial designer was commissioned by the Hennessy company to come up with a bottle for its X.O Cognac.

Hoping to simplify the design, Newson swapped the bottle’s traditional grape and leaves motif for striations across its surface.

“My attempt was to make it more modern,” said Newson. “As far as I am concerned, straight lines are more modern interpretation of what was once there, which is to say grapes and vines and a more decorative application.”

“When you strip away all the existing decoration, you’re left with the basic form. It became obvious and necessary that some other form of decoration, albeit a more modern form of decoration, needed to be applied.”

The lines, which create a corrugated effect on bottle’s surface, are designed to highlight its curved shape while “magnifying” the liquid inside.

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