Make JAW DROPPING DESIGNS By Using Design Principles

Learn about 4 key graphic design principles, and how they can help you create jaw dropping designs!
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There are various design principles within the graphic design world, but in todays video I have shown you 4 different rules or principles, that can be used throughout your work to take things to the next level.

There are more than just 4 design principles, and I can show more in another video, but today I take you through each graphic design principle, and I show you why they are useful and how to adapt them to your projects. Things like balance and layout are crucial, but how can you utilise them for your very own work? In fact, balance is one of the key principles in todays video, so I hope you learn something today, and can head back into your designs with an added ‘oomf’

How many of the graphic design rules or ‘principles’ do you already make heavy use of in you projects and graphic design workflow? Do you think you have learned something today, and will you be focusing on one or more of these principles for your work? I am curious to hear, so always feel free to voice your opinions and thoughts down below

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