Macbook Pro M1 – A Graphic Designers Review 🧐

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Photoshop and Premier Pro have BETA M1 Native Apps. This means that these apps have been specifically designed for use on the M1 architecture. When using M1 apps and comparing the speeds with the Intel based apps, you can really see the difference. They’re faster, the battery doesn’t get hit hard, and you never feel the heat from the MacBook. In fact, I’ve never felt heat or even heard the fans running on the M1.
When using my old MacBook Pro 16” Intel Processor I would have the fans on full blast when using programs like Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Illustrator. Even when using web browsers like Google Chrome and Brave and watching YouTube videos. I would always have to have the laptop plugged into power to make sure the battery wouldn’t die when working. It didn’t feel portable and more like a house-bound computer rather than a portable laptop.
The M1 MacBook is night and day when it comes to heat, battery and power. You’ll most likely never feel the heat and never experience battery issues because the power efficiency is so good.

I could show you the GeekBench scores and the extremes of the laptop but the reality is as a designer you’re not going to need to know them – you need to know whether the apps you use everyday work better than they do on the laptop or computer you’re running now.
I can safely say that the M1 MacBook Pro works extremely well in all areas. Apple have really brought out something very unique to the world of laptops with this M1 Chip. Not only do I not have to worry about battery, heat or multitasking, I can do all the things I need to do on the M1 MacBook.
Obviously the M1 Mac line is a “first generation” product, so the line-up is going to get better over time so if you’ve recently bought a MacBook or other laptop I would wait for at least a year to see what else Apple releases with the M1.
However, if you’re in the market for a new laptop, a laptop that rivals most desktops and out performs nearly every other laptop out right now with a great price, then this is for you! I can’t recommend the M1 MacBook Pro enough for creative professionals. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
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