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Today I’ll be showing you logo design musts with my list of 5 must have graphic design equipment and tool ideas. As a professional graphic designer with over 8 years of actual work experience, I have gathered together 5 items or tools that I consider a must have when it comes to logo designing. How many items from my list of 5 design musts do you own?
If you are a professional graphic designer / logo designer, or just getting started, you should be able to learn something from my list of 5 logo design musts and graphic design equipment and tools. If you find this list of graphic logo designer must haves helpful then drop a like and leave me a comment letting me know the logo design tools you use. If you really found it useful then share it to another graphic designer. Remember to subscribe for weekly uploads too!

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What is up people, Tom back again with another graphic design tips video. My viewers seem to like watchign videos based around logo design or specifically logo design Illustrator videos, so today I have taken a look at graphic design equipment and tools that I use daily in my design process when creating a logo design. Some of hem are obvious to most designers but there are a couple of curve balls in my list of 5.

If you love gadgets then you will want to see some of the gadgets for logo design that I have in this video, or as I consider logo design must haves and must have equipment. I have not used all of the items on my lists throughout my entire design career, for example I have only in the last 2 years started using a Wacom tablet, and as I mentioned in the video I cannot see my design workflow without it now.

Logo design tools do not have to be strictly graphic design tech and equipment, they can be things as simple as using a pen and paper to sketch down ideas, or having decent headphones to play music when you are trying to get into a creative groove.

So what did you think of my logo design musts and this list of 5 graphic design equipment and tools? Let me know what you consider to be logo designer tools or logo design must haves, I am curious to hear of your ideas and opinions.

I will be back on Tuesday with another graphic design tutorial so be sure to tune in for that. Like comment and share this video if you really found it helpful or enjoyable, and remember, design your future today, peace.

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