Live Vector Art with Justin Mezzell 1 of 3

Join UX designer and illustrator Justin Mezzell as he creates beautiful vector art in Adobe Illustrator CC LIVE! Today Justin will begin building a brand new vector illustration from the bottom up! Watch and learn as he turns basic shapes into futuristic buildings within a stunning cityscape! Expect to learn how to play with gradient styles and light sources as Justin drops Illustrator pro tips along the way!

Justin currently works as a designer at Pluralsight in Salt Lake City, UT. He specializes in illustration, digital art and UX design having worked with clients such as: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wired and Disney.


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Intro: 3:20
Work begins: 10:30
How to use active gradients: 19:45
How to use blending modes: 25:50
How to use the properties panel: 39:00
How to use pathfinder to create custom shapes: 1:06:05
How to create reflections with blending modes: 1:25:47

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